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KeyLink's Achievements and Innovation in RF Amplifiers Industry
Aktualisiert : 2022-02-18

Over the past year, KeyLink Microwave has made some achievements in the microwave and RF power amplifiers industry. 

Narrowband power amplifier module KN2650M52A
Aktualisiert : 2022-02-18

The KN2650M52A is suitable for multi octave broadband high power RF linear applications. This compact module utilizes advanced high power LDMOS devices that provide excellent power density, highefficiency, wide dynamic range and low distortions.

KeyLink Microwave officially starts work from today
Aktualisiert : 2022-02-16

I'm glad to inform you that KeyLink Microwave officially starts work from today. Thanks for your understanding and kindly support during the Chinese Spring Festival.

The factors that affect the accuracy and speed of a body scanner
Aktualisiert : 2022-02-10

The frequency range determines the scanner's penetration characteristics and available bandwidth. In general, the higher the frequency, the greater the penetration (in some cases) and the greater the available bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth, the better the resolution, because each frequency cha

Keylink Microwave Holiday Notice
Aktualisiert : 2022-01-28

Thank you for giving our company full support in 2021. The Spring Festival is approaching, all the staff of Keylink Microwave & Keylink Wireless wish you good luck in the year of the Tiger!

Beijing Communications Exhibition, 5G - Turn the concept
Aktualisiert : 2022-01-28

Recently, the Beijing Communications Exhibition was held, focusing on the new products and technologies of the new generation of communication technology, Internet development and information technology applications etc.

Is millimeter wave the major character in 5G late-stage
Aktualisiert : 2022-01-28

Recently, MIIT(Ministry of industry and information technology)approved 4.8-5.0GHz, 24.75-27.5, GHz and 37-42.5GHz band for our 5G technology research anddevelopment test. In addition to the middle and low frequency 4.8-5.0GHz, which MIIT approved before, the 8.25GHz millimeter wave is approved.

13.5 billion people can simultaneously talk through a fiber
Aktualisiert : 2022-01-28

Wuhan Post and Telecommunication Research Institute announced, in China, it's the first time to achieve 560Tb/s ultra-large capacity wavelength division multiplexing andspace division multiplexing optical transmission system experiment , which can achieve 6.75 billion pairs of people(135 million peo 

Keylink Microwave at 2021 Chengdu Million Workers Skills Competition
Aktualisiert : 2022-01-28

On September 26, the 2021 Chengdu Million Workers Skills Competition - Hybrid Integrated Circuit Assembly and Debugging Competition opened at the Chengdu Science and Technology Development Center. 100 contestants from the electronics industry in Chengdu gathered together to compare their skills.

What matters about an RF power amplifier
Aktualisiert : 2022-01-24

Keylink Microwave has been devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing high power RF power amplifiers and subsystems. What matters about an RF power amplifier?Most important parameters that defines an RF Power Amplifier are